Living Proof

I believe
…You’re only as good as your last tattoo and I treat each client like I was tattooing a loved one.


About Conan

My name Is Conan, I was born in Connecticut and also went to college there studying history. Art was always something I used to escape, never something I thought could shape who I am and what I love to do. I’m what you call an Autodidact, which means I am self taught.

About 10 years ago I saw tattoos that were a new style at the time: color realism. One was a color portrait of Will Ferrell actually. When I saw this it lit a fire that is burning still, I couldn’t believe a tattoo like this could even be achieved – I was on a mission.


EXPERT Methods

My Specialties

I enjoy connecting the realistic with the unrealistic, organic and the nonorganic. I love black and grey as well as color.

Illustrative Color

Traditional and neo-traditional tattoos

Cover Ups

I enjoy the challenge of a cover up and will make sure your tattoo will be something you are proud to show off

Fine Line Black and Grey

Realistic, smooth and single-needle tattoos


Ace Custom Tattoo in Plaza Midwood

Now tattooing at the legendary Ace custom tattoo in historic plaza Midwood.

1312 Thomas ave, Charlotte , NC 28205

Conan McParland

Best Tattoo Artist